Our Community's success depends on owners participation and volunteerism..... Owners are welcome to volunteer, every little bit helps ! The HOA is currently looking for volunteers to help update the Community rules, regulations, and guidelines

2022 Upcoming HOA Events :
Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 (Annual & Budget Meeting)


Location: Tentatively -via remote meeting/ Time: 7:00 PM - Postcard reminder with access information to be sent prior to the meetings
(Vista Gardens Marketplace Event venue canceled until further notice)

Make Payments online here:

For your convenience, payments can be made online by going to https://www.propertypay.cit.com. Please note there is no cost to pay by e-check through the website, however there is a 3.5 % transaction fee charged by the bank if you choose to make an online payment with a credit card. For online payments use 7118 as the Management company ID and your Association ID is CTB
Please note the mailing address for use in making your monthly assessment payment is
P.O. Box 98193, Phoenix, AZ  85038-0193

Owners that use online banking through their own bank account should make sure that the address where their payment is being sent is updated accordingly to reflect - PO Box 98193, Phoenix, AZ  85038-0193.

HOA Annual Assessment for 2022 is $688.00
1st assessment payment of $344.00 is due by February 1st, 2022.  
The remaining assessment payment of $344.00 is due by April 1, 2022.

Informational Reminders for Resident and Owner Awareness

Many owners of course may already be aware, however there are many residents and owners that are not aware, and the following information serves to help guide:

Trees in the County Right-of-Way 

These are trees located between the sidewalk and the curb. This is a public right of way under the County purview. If tree trimming, removal or other maintenance is needed for trees in this area, contact Prince George’s County at telephone number 301-883-4748 or (311) or report on the web at https://pgc311.com. 

Streetlight Maintenance and Streetlight Outages 

The streetlights in the community are maintained by Pepco. If a streetlight needs maintenance, call Pepco at 1-877-737-2662 or use their online portal for reporting streetlight outages or other maintenance issues here - https://www.pepco.com/Outages/ReportAnOutage/Pages/ReportStreetLightOutage.aspx .

Roadways & public sidewalks

The roadways and public sidewalks in the community residential areas are County roads and rights-of-ways maintained by Prince Georges County. If there are questions pertaining to the roadways, public sidewalk maintenance, and driveway aprons, residents should contact P.G. County Department of Public Works & Transportation -

https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/1002/Public-Works-Transportation or report issues by calling 3-1-1 or reporting on the web at https://pgc311.com.

Trash Removal

Household curbside collection of trash, recycle, yard waste, and bulky trash are services provided by Prince Georges County. Any issues within the public right of way and with late or missed collections, and other such related issues should be reported to the P.G. County by calling 3-1-1 or reporting on the web portal at https://pgc311.com.

Snow Removal 

Plowing and treatment after a snow or winter event of the public streets is the responsibility of Prince George's County.  Homeowners are responsible for snow removal on their own private property and including the public sidewalk in front of their house or adjacent to their property per County ordinance.  The P.G. County Snow Information Center number is 301-883-4748 and other information on this topic can be found on their website here https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/1041/Snow-Ice-Control .

Other- County issues, services, code enforcement, etc. 

The Canterbury Heights HOA is not the source or depot for all things in the community and in fact has very finite limits to what it is and does. The Association only has very limited common areas under its purview, and it is only charged with managing or maintenance of its own common areas. The Association has no maintenance obligations or authority when it comes to the public areas such as the public roadways, the public walkways, the public right of ways in front of homes, etc.

The County does have various other authority for enforcement of County ordinances and codes, and issues related to ordinance violations and varying county maintenance for public roadways, public sidewalks, street trees (removal, dead, downed, trimming, etc.), residential trash and recycling collection issues, traffic sign maintenance, storm drain maintenance, and various other County jurisdiction matters.

Residents and citizens are encouraged to contact Prince Georges County to report issues where the County likely has better or more enforcement power such as when it comes to other matters.

Reach out to your County resources to help resolve certain issues by reporting items to PG County Click by calling 3-1-1 or by using the online reporting portal: https://pgc311.com.